Age of Reason

Age of Reason Session 1

Learning that murder is wrong

Our heroes start their journey on the road to the Green City, all anticipating the great “Festival of Green Beer”. As the heroes enter the Green City they immediately wish to spend the gold that is burning a hole in their receptive pockets. Bordon (Halfling, Wizard, Nathan) not liking the large crowds that have gathered in the market place, convinces his traveling companions to go the the slums where Gilgram (Dwarf, Druid,Chris) use to know a guy who could possibly connect the party up with the less reputable merchants. Traveling to the slums of Green City they meet Brekka (Human, exotic/illegal fur salesman), Gilgram’s black market contact. After a short period of persuasion (Gilgram gave Brekka 5gp) Brekka revealed the location of black market dealer that may have what the party was looking for, minus the crowds. Upon reaching the tent of the shady merchant the party is stopped by a big burly man who doesn’t let them pass. Lurien (half-elf, Sorcerer, Jamie) gives the man a stern talking to and he backs down letting the party pass and purchase some gear. Not finding everything they want the party reluctantly travels to the market. After some time navigating the crouds and talking to high pitch voiced merchants walk away with the items they wish including: a monogrammed staff, a snake dagger, and some armor. As the party is leaving the market they hear a man shout “Stop!”. Turning to see who was shouting Bordon is grabbed, shoved in an alleyway and kissed by the most beautiful halfling girl he has ever seen. While Bordon is being kissed the man who yelled Stop! runs past the alleyway. The halfling lady pulls away from Bordon, winks at him and says “thanks honey” and runs off. Bordon emboldened by the kiss gives chase to the girl of his dreams but is unable to follow her for long. Trekking back to the party Bordon gets lost in thoughts of his new best friend. The man who yelled stop comes back huffing and puffing out of breath and asks Gilgram and Lurien if they saw the halfling that stole his invitation to the ball. Telling the man “no we didn’t see a halfling, but please tell us more about this ball.” the man explains that the ticket he had was an invitation to the whitemore ball. The ball takes place on the last day of the festival and is invite only. Several dignitaries will be attending including ironbeard from the City of Ashes, and person_ForeignRelations a Steam Golem emissary in negotiations with the Jade Emperor for a treaty between the Golem Collective and the Jade Crown. As it reached dusk the party set out to find a tavern and lodgings for the night. Due to the large number of tourists in town for the festival of Green Beer all of the inns were at max capacity. Gilgrim separated from the other two deciding he would sleep under the stars in the slums with his “friend” Brekka. Lurien and Bordon were able to sneek into a tavern and get a full mugs worth of Green Beer. The beer being infused with magic was exceptionally strong and with one mug full down the Halfling and Elf were completely intoxicated. The Fantasy bouncers for the tavern drag Bordon and Lurien down to the slums to sleep off the beer. Lurien and Bordon stumble their way through the slums till they happen upon Gilgram and decide to chill with him for the night. Just as the party members were resting their heads a group of three Ratfolk walked up and exclaimed “you can’t be here, you no pay Gavorn!”

  • Ratfolk tell the party members that they did not pay Gavorn and must leave the slums
  • Lurien incites the ratfolk into a confrontation but as soon as it starts it ends because lurien color sprays them all to unconsciousness
  • Gilgram sets an old unconscious ratman on fire and crushes the head of another
  • The party get arrested for murder
  • Bordon is a dick to the other inmates, Gilgram makes bird calls, Lurien fails horrible at picking the cell door lock
  • The Halfling girl, who kissed Bordon, walks into the jail and frees the party on the condition that they help her make a prisoner transfer and that she can get frisky with Bordon later.
  • Halfling girl (party never asked her name) frees an alchemist ratfolk
    *party sees prisoner transfer to tall regal lady who betrays the halfling girl and has her kidnapped by more ratfolk.
  • Gilgram rushing in to save her casts obscuring mist hoping to gain an advantage in battle but just makes it hard for the party to follow the ratfolk as they flee to the sewer with the halfling girl
  • After much debate and stress over appearances, the party follow into the sewer
  • Some sewer rooms later the party stumbles into a ratfolk wizard.
  • The wizard getting the jump on the party blasts them with ice knocking Bordon and Lurien unconscious from the damage
  • Gilgram single handedly brings the party back from a wipe and kills the wizard


so who’s who? Can someone post some character sheets or something?

Age of Reason Session 1

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