Age of Reason

Age of Reason Session 2

New Friends, Dead Enemies

  • After searching the wizards body the party finds several health potions and heal
  • They continue to follow the tracks of the Ratfolk
  • Boldly striding through every door they go through the party stumbles upon an Oread lady shackled to a wall.
  • Ignoring the lady, Lurien marches into another room filled with Ratfolk but after a few tense moments he is able to convince the Ratfolk that they were just leaving.
  • Deciding that freeing the lady shackled to a wall was a good option Lurien used her lock picks and undid the shackles
  • The lady immediately moves to anther room to get her items and free another prisoner she new was in the next room
  • Seeing the other prisoner the Oread lady bust the chains shackling him to the wall
  • After short introductions: Oread’s name: Aegis (NPC), other prisoner’s name: Bill (Josh), the two prisoners gather their belongings from a chest
  • Reequipped the party stride into another room and are attacked by a shadow.
  • Bill charms the shadow creature and convinces it to help them with killing some rat folk
  • Now with a much larger group the party boldly march back the way they came to follow the Ratfolks tracks
  • After a brief slaughter of Ratfolk, Lurien is able to scare one of the Ratfolk to take the party to the kidnapped halfling
  • Proceeding into the next room the scared ratfolk forgot about a trap that was set and died from the crushing blow of a swinging log
  • With only one exit to the room the party move to exit but the door is made of solid stone and wont move but has a riddle on it
  • Solving the riddle the party moves on to the next room where they meet *forgot his real name, party comes up with nickname of Fingerly", an alchemist who presents the party with another riddle.
  • After solving the riddle and promising Fingerly that they would protect his family, he gives them directions to where the kidnapped halfling is.
  • While traveling there several party members blunder into some traps.
  • For once the party stealthily checkout the room before marching in and find quite a few Ratfolk and the kidnapped Halfling
  • The party send in the charmed shadow creature (nicknamed Misty) first to frighten the Ratfolk
  • that goes exceptionally well
  • There was an intense fight that ended with Bordon unconscious, Misty dead, the Ratfolk mafia don begging for his life and the kidnapped Halfling freed



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