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For ages untold, war has plagued Tovria. War between the Iron Willed, the Nocturnal, the Golem Empire and the Jade Crown. This war threatened to plunge Tovria into a Dark Age that they might never recover from.

Fortunately for residents of the Jade Crown, the threat of war is a thing of the past. Relations between The City of Ashes are better than ever. The Golem Empire has been crushed. The Nocturnals, have disappeared into hidden cities under the Cold Mountains. Hybrids and even the lesser races have all integrated into a perfect society.

But a new era of prosperity can hide threats of a different kind. Armies that do not march across the plains now gather in secret. Governments grown bloated on the bloody spoils of war blacken with corruption. This is an age of oppression and civil bloodshed. This is an age of poison and plots. Strange truths move beneath the streets of the Jade Crown.

Welcome to the Age of Reason.

Home Page

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